Development Organizations in Kenya

The main role and aim of Development Organizations in Kenya is to build a society where slum youths access opportunities to realize their potential and participate fully in economy, civic and social process with dignity.

Also develop a system where all youths in slums will have an opportunity to basic education, Health, Entrepreneurial skills, clean environment, jobs, shelter, food, clothing and special education for those with disabilities through available resources and soliciting for funds to achieve their goals and objectives

Development Organizations in Kenya Photo
Development Organizations in Kenya Photo

Development Organizations in Kenya – Activities

  • Conduct outreach campaigns related to community mobilization, sensitization, and health education.
  • Provide technical solutions and general assistance for the construction of sustainable water, garbage, and sanitation systems in marginalized neighborhoods.
  • Support orphans and vulnerable children by providing lunch programs, vocational training, and psycho social support.
  • Provide training for peer educators who are deployed into communities to organize informational events, distribute condoms, offer health education, and help their villages develop HIV prevention strategies.
  • Develop community resource centers so that individuals can access the internet regarding specific community topics, while making use of multimedia information and CD-ROMs.
  • Support outreach efforts to address family planning, mother-to-child transmission prevention, and voluntary HIV/AIDS testing and counseling.
  • Conduct home visits to supply HIV/AIDS sufferers with food, pain medication, and transportation to local hospitals.
  • Support vocational development programs that include training and resources for community health workers and capacity building for marginalized youth and women.
  • Distribute medications and mosquito nets, and make medical referrals to people in need of specific treatments for serious illnesses.

 Development Organizations in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all development organizations in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the development organizations in Kenya websites.

List of Development Organizations in Kenya

    Development Organizations in Kenya – Video

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