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Curios in Kenya – Curio Shops in Kenya

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Curios in Kenya

The Curios in Kenya contains a diverse collection of woodcarvings of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for masks, salad spoons, bowls, or wooden animals such as elephant, giraffe, zebra, etc. we’ve got it all! The selection is truly incredible. The center could be a museum of all kinds of Kenyan crafts. But of course it is a gift shop so you can buy anything that you see on shelves.

Curios in Kenya

The alarming decline in the number of tourists visiting the country has led to the loss of jobs and income and among those paying the price are Curios Entrepreneurs who depend mostly on foreign tourists to sell their products. The business provides job opportunities to many families which earn a living from the making of curios. Curios make various products from local and imported materials. Some of their products include leather made belts; Akala sandals, wood carvings, and beads, as well as fabricated clothes with Kenyan flag colors.

Curios in Kenya

Curios in Kenya

Curios in Kenya

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A comprehensive list of all Curio Shops in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the curios in Kenya websites.

Curio Shops in Kenya

  1. 247 courier services
  2. ABA Freight Logistics
  3. ABC International Cargo Logistics Ltd
  4. Absolute Freight Services and Logistics Ltd.
  5. ACS Express
  6. African Courier Services
  7. Akamba Public Road Services Limited
  8. Al-Micdad Parcel Services
  9. Andy Forwarders Services Ltd
  10. AR-Kaedh Courier Services
  11. Aramex
  12. Aramex (K) Ltd
  13. Aramex Kenya Ltd
  14. Archon Marine Shipping and Logistics Ltd
  15. Armstrong Movers & Storage Ltd
  16. Associated Express Cargo F Ltd
  17. AXA Courier Ltd
  18. B K B Couriers Ltd
  19. Beats & Bites
  20. Beeclan Express
  21. Blaight Tour Kenya
  22. Business Express Holdings Ltd
  23. Business Express Holdings Ltd
  24. Capital Moving Ltd
  25. Cassia Relocation Services
  26. Chapex Ltd
  27. City Courier Services
  28. City Errands
  29. Classic Parcel Handlers
  30. Coast Mail Co. Ltd
  31. Coast Mail Co. Ltd – Voi Branch
  32. Compass Services
  33. Continental Logistics Parcel Delivery
  34. Cristol General Enterprise
  35. Crown Relocations
  36. Crystalline Enterprises Ltd
  37. Cube Movers Ltd
  38. Cube Movers Ltd Shimo La Tewa Rd
  39. Dalla E.A Ltd
  40. Data Rush Services Ltd
  41. Data Rush Services Ltd
  42. Data Rush Services Ltd – Eldoret Branch
  43. Data Rush Services Ltd – Kisumu Branch
  44. Data Rush Services Ltd – Meru Branch
  45. Data Rush Services Ltd – Nakuru Branch
  46. Data Rush Services Ltd Nairobi Branch
  47. Dayah Express
  48. DHL Worldwide Express (K) Ltd
  49. DHL Worldwide Express (K) Ltd
  50. DHL Worldwide Express (K) Ltd – Head Office Branch
  51. DHL Worldwide Express (K) Ltd – Kijabe Branch
  52. DHL Worldwide Express (K) Ltd – Kisumu Branch
  53. DHL Worldwide Express (K) Ltd – Mombasa Branch
  54. DHL Worldwide Express (K) Ltd – Nakuru Branch
  55. DHL Worldwide Express (K) Ltd – Nyeri Branch
  56. DHL Worldwide Express (K) Ltd – Yaya Centre Branch
  57. Dial-a-delivery
  58. Direct Movers Africa
  59. Dove Movers (K) Ltd
  60. DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd
  61. East Africa Courier Ltd
  62. East African Courier
  63. Eat Out Kenya
  64. Eazylink Courier
  65. EMS Kenya – Garissa Branch
  66. EMS Kenya – Head Office Branch
  67. End To End Logistics Solution
  68. Ernie’s Delivery Man
  69. Errands & Chores Professionals Limited
  70. Errands Definations
  71. Executive Errands & Delivery Services
  72. Express Kenya
  73. Express Package Services Ltd
  74. Fargo Courier
  75. Fargo Courier
  76. Fargo Courier Ltd
  77. Fast Flight Express Ltd
  78. Fast Post Express
  79. Fast Task Solutions
  80. Fastflight Express Ltd
  81. Fedex Express Ltd
  82. Fedex Express Ltd – Kisumu Branch
  83. Fedex Express Ltd – Mombasa Branch
  84. Firefly East Africa Enterprises Ltd
  85. First Flight Couriers (A) Ltd
  86. First Flight Couriers (Africa) Ltd
  87. First Flight Couriers (Africa) Ltd
  88. First Flight Couriers (Africa) Ltd
  89. First Flight Couriers (Africa) Ltd – Kericho Branch
  90. Flight Ways Express Ltd
  91. Flymax
  92. Fortune Management Consultants
  93. Franc Deliveries Ltd
  94. Franc Deliveries Ltd
  95. Friends Removals Kenya Ltd
  96. Friends Removals Kenya Ltd
  97. Ganatra Parcel Services Ltd
  98. Globeflight Worldwide Express Ltd.
  99. Hand To Hand Deliveries Ltd
  100. Haraka Upesi Errands
  101. HelloFood
  102. Henkab Courier Services
  103. Home Delivery Services
  104. HomeRun
  105. Imani DVD Coaches
  106. In-Time Couriers Ltd
  107. Integrity Movers Kenya Ltd
  108. Intelligent Logistics Solutions Limited
  109. Interstate Courier Express
  110. Jamkin Delivery Ltd
  111. Jechrin Express Services
  112. Jet Courier Services Ltd
  113. JUAT Fast Movers Ltd
  114. Juba Errands
  115. Juncus Enterprises
  116. Just In Time Petty Courier
  117. Kampala Courier & Logistics
  118. Karen Plains Courier Ltd
  119. Karibuni Relocation Services
  120. Keepsake Express Ltd
  121. Kenya Airways Cargo
  122. Kenya Movers Limited
  123. Kinstripe Ltd
  124. Mahek Parcels & Courier
  125. Mahek Parcels & Courier Nairobi Branch
  126. Mail Managers Ltd
  127. Malindi Parcel Services
  128. Mama On Wheels
  129. Mark One Express Ltd
  130. Masterpiece Courier Services Ltd
  131. Messenger Business Centre
  132. Mex Logistics (Africa) Ltd
  133. Mex Logistics (Africa) Ltd – Nakuru Branch
  134. Mofra Movers
  135. Nairobi Meru Investment Co. Ltd
  136. Neema Parcels Ltd
  137. Nellions
  138. Neno Sacco Ltd
  139. Netlink Business Services Limited
  140. Nitume Enterprises
  141. NTL Parcel Services (Newspaper Transporters Ltd)
  142. One World Courier Ltd
  143. Overseas Couriers Service (K) Ltd
  144. Owago International
  145. Palmhouse Dairies Ltd
  146. Pashmina Solutions
  147. Pathway Supplies & Delivery
  148. Pats Services
  149. Petty Errands Ltd
  150. Postal Corporation of Kenya
  151. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Buru Buru Branch
  152. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Eastleigh Branch
  153. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Embakasi Branch
  154. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Enterprise road HPO Branch
  155. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Gigiri Branch
  156. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Head Office Branch
  157. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Juja Road Branch
  158. Postal Corporation of Kenya – K U Branch
  159. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Kangemi Branch
  160. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Kiambu Branch
  161. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Kijabe Branch
  162. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Lavington Branch
  163. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Limuru Branch
  164. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Mathare Valley Branch
  165. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Mbagathi Branch
  166. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Mchumbi Road Branch
  167. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Mobil Plaza Branch
  168. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Muthaiga Branch
  169. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Ngara road HPO Branch
  170. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Ngong Hills Branch
  171. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Nyayo Stadium Branch
  172. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Parklands Post Office Branch
  173. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Ronald Ngala Branch
  174. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Ruaraka Branch
  175. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Sarit Centre Branch
  176. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Tom Mboya Branch
  177. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Uhuru Gardens Branch
  178. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Village Market Branch
  179. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Viwandani Branch
  180. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Westlands Branch
  181. Postal Corporation of Kenya – Yaya Towers Branch
  182. Prescott Holdings Ltd
  183. Prestige Courier Services Ltd
  184. Pride Management Services Ltd
  185. Pride Movers & Logistics Ltd
  186. Pronto Courier Services Ltd
  187. Pronto Courier Services Ltd
  188. Provincial Parcel Carriers (K) Ltd
  189. Psacam Couriers
  190. Quick Errands
  191. Quick Time Deliveries Ltd
  192. Rapid Logistics & Courier Services
  193. Real Time Courier Services Ltd
  194. Real Time Couriers Services
  195. Regional Courier Services Ltd
  196. Rolling Stone Omnia Services
  197. Roy Parcel Services
  198. Roy Parcel Services Ltd
  199. Rush Hour Courier Ltd
  200. Rush Nairobi
  201. Rush Nairobi Ltd
  202. Safeways Courier Services Ltd
  203. Seabourne Worldwide Express Limited
  204. Seaforth Shipping (Kenya) Ltd
  205. Secure Movers
  206. Secure Movers South B Branch
  207. Securespeed Services
  208. Security Group
  209. Sharoo Enterprises Ltd
  210. Shirlou Investments
  211. Shish Systems
  212. Silverstar Parcel Services Ltd
  213. Skynet Worldwide Express
  214. Skynet Worldwide Express
  215. Skynet Worldwide Express Ltd
  216. Sleep Out Kenya
  217. Special Messenger Services
  218. Speedbird Errands
  219. Speedplus Agencies Ltd
  220. Stan Movers
  221. Super Star Parcel Services Ltd
  222. Super Star Parcel Services Ltd
  223. Swift Parcels and Errands
  224. Swissport Cargo Services
  225. Taray Advice
  226. Taylor Movers Kenya
  227. The Messenger Express Deliveries
  228. Timeless Courier Services Ltd
  229. TMX Express Services
  230. TNT Express Worldwide (K) Ltd
  231. TNT Express Worldwide (K) Ltd – Mombasa Branch
  232. Trans Web Delivery Services
  233. Transcargo Handlers
  234. Transweb Delivery Services
  235. Triple A Butchery
  236. Tripple Services
  237. United Parcel Service (UPS)
  238. United Parcel Service Ltd (UPS)
  239. United Parcel Service Ltd (UPS) – Mombasa Branch
  240. Upesi Delivery Services
  241. Urban Cargo Networks
  242. Urban Cargo Networks Ltd
  243. Urban Cargo Networks Ltd
  244. Urban Cargo Networks Ltd
  245. Urban Haul Movers Ltd
  246. Urgent Cargo Handling Ltd
  247. Vision Fast Delivery Services
  248. Western Parcel Express Courier
  249. Wilsherm Courier
  250. Worldwide Movers Kenya Ltd

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