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Freight Forwarders Kenya – Freight Companies in Kenya

Freight Companies in Kenya

Freight Forwarders Kenya-Freight Companies in Kenya is one of the leading logistics provider in East Africa. It is an asset based company providing complete logistics packages to industries involved in Mining, Oil & Gas, Aid & Relief and Power/Infrastructure. They have demonstrated constant growth from the demand of its high valued services making an invaluable partner in this market.

Freight Companies in Kenya-Intermediary

Freight Forwarders Kenya – Freight Companies in Kenya acts like an intermediary between a shipper (person shipping or cargo owners) and other logistics providers on chain supply logistics. Clearing and forwarding agents have proved to be a vital part of chain supply logistics.



Freight Companies in Kenya-Services

Freight Forwarders Kenya provide time-definite domestic and international air freight service at very competitive rates. They have no size, weight, or schedule limitations and can offer flexible options to and from all locations throughout the globe.



Freight Companies in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all freight companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the freight forwarders Kenya websites.

List of Freight Forwarders Kenya

  1. Acceler Global Logistics Ltd
  2. Ace Freight Ltd
  3. Adair Freight Services Ltd
  4. Adamson Trans Agencies
  5. African Roadways Ltd
  6. Aikon Freight Ltd
  7. Air – Go Consultants Ltd
  8. Air Connection Ltd
  9. Akamai Freight Forwarders Ltd
  10. Arcpro Logistics Ltd
  11. Ataco Freight Services Ltd
  12. Awanad Enterprises Limited
  13. Babuh Freighters
  14. Bemm Importers & Exporters Ltd
  15. Benja Freighters Ltd
  16. Boss Freight Terminal Ltd
  17. Boss Freight Terminal Ltd
  18. Bridgeup Container Services Ltd
  19. Bule & Sons Freight Services
  20. Cargo Containers Ltd
  21. Cargo World Conveyors Ltd
  22. Carmel Mount Freight Logistics (K) Ltd
  23. Cedar Cargo Ltd
  24. Charleston Freight Ltd
  25. Compact Freight Systems Ltd
  26. Consolbase Limited
  27. Consolbase Ltd
  28. Continental Freighters Ltd
  29. Crystal Freight Connections Ltd
  30. Damco Logistics (Kenya) Ltd
  31. Damint Forwarders Ltd
  32. Dynamic Freightmovers Ltd
  33. Emerald Freight International Limited
  34. Empire Logistics Services Ltd
  35. Erin West International Logistics Agency
  36. Expolanka Freight Ltd
  37. Expolanka Freight Ltd
  38. Exrol Logistics Kenya Limited
  39. Fleet Freighters Ltd
  40. Focus Container Freight Station Ltd
  41. Freight Commandos Ltd
  42. Freight Hauliers Ltd
  43. Freight World
  44. Gateway Marine Services Ltd
  45. Gemini Freighters Ltd
  46. Giftline Freight Servcie Ltd
  47. Giraffe Forwarders Ltd
  48. Glinter Logistics Ltd
  49. Globeflight Worldwide Express Ltd
  50. Grephys Communications
  51. Hambufreight Services Ltd
  52. Harribet Freight Services
  53. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
  54. Hima Freight Forwarders Ltd
  55. Ideal Solutions EPZ Ltd
  56. IMA (Kenya) Ltd
  57. Inter-Globe Services Ltd
  58. Inter-Trust Forwarders Ltd
  59. Intercities Freight & Shipping Ltd
  60. Interfreight Ea (K) Ltd
  61. Interpel Investments Ltd
  62. Interpel Investments Ltd
  63. Interpel Investments Ltd
  64. Intraline Shipping & Logistics
  65. Intraspax Freighters
  66. Jaguar Carriers Junior Ltd
  67. Kadmus Freight Logistics Ltd
  68. Kenya Airfreight Handling Ltd
  69. Keywest Logistics Agency Ltd
  70. Landmark Freight Services
  71. Logistics Container Centre Mombasa EPZ Ltd
  72. Logistics International
  73. Mackenzie Maritime Forwarders Ltd
  74. Makupa Transit Shade Limited
  75. Mercator Transport Kenya Limited
  76. Midlands Freight Ltd
  77. Mombasa Advance Logistics Ltd
  78. Mombasa Container Terminal Ltd
  79. Mombasa Container Terminal Ltd
  80. Mombasa Island Cargo Terminal
  81. Monsoon Movers Ent. Ltd
  82. Ocean Alliance Logistics
  83. Portside Freight Terminals Limited
  84. Procet Freight & Cargo Services
  85. Rayan Freight Ltd
  86. Regent Freight Systems Ltd
  87. Road Link Logistics Limited
  88. Romark Freighters
  89. Ruatech Global Logistics Ltd
  90. Ruatech Global Logistics Ltd
  91. Saharry Logistics Ltd
  92. Silicon Freight International Co. Ltd
  93. Simmonds Cargo Services Ltd
  94. Skyline Roller Ltd
  95. Someday Cargo Forwarders Ltd
  96. Southern Shipping Services Ltd
  97. Starway International Freight and Forward Ltd
  98. Super First Forwarders Ltd
  99. Swift Freight International K Ltd
  100. Tabaki Freight Services International Ltd
  101. The Freight Experts Ltd
  102. Total Touch Cargo Ltd
  103. Total Touch Cargo Ltd
  104. Tradewinds Logistics Ltd
  105. Transafrik Corporation Ltd
  106. Transoceanic Project Development
  107. Transridgeways Forwarders
  108. Tripro Clearing & Forwarding Co Ltd
  109. Union Logistics Ltd
  110. Victoria International Logistics Ltd
  111. Vinep Forwarders Ltd
  112. Vinep Forwarders Ltd
  113. Wambuka Freighters Ltd
  114. Year 2000 Freighters Ltd
  115. Zein Freight Services