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Wood Products in Kenya

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Wood Products in Kenya

Wood Products in Kenya companies have many years of extensive experience in supplying substantial buildings such as residential houses, dormitories, offices, clinics, laboratories, mess halls, recreational rooms and classrooms, and has participated in numerous large-scale engineering projects throughout East Africa.

Wood Products  – Natural Material

Wood is a natural material that features changes in color and tone. The board-to-board color variation is more pronounced in some species, less in others. If you like the look of contrasting light and dark tones, select a species that offers most color variation. If you prefer consistent color from board to board, choose the least color variation

Products in Kenya

Products in Kenya

Wood Products  – Production Activities

Other companies have range of products that are not only used locally but are also exported to neighbouring countries. With great integration between different production activities of these firms, nothing is wasted since the waste from one unit is used in the next unit and the effluent is recycled.

Wood Products

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List of Wood Products in Kenya

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