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Handicrafts in Kenya – Kenyan Handicrafts

Handicrafts in Kenya

Encouraged by the preferential access accorded to a wide variety of Handicrafts in Kenya under AGOA (the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act), many African artisans and exporters of African crafts are beginning to investigate the crafts market in the United States. The traditional market for their goods has been Europe, especially France and Germany.

Handicrafts in Kenya – Unique crafts

Unique crafts such as telephone wire baskets, glass, raffia tabletop and mohair shawls are now being seen on the U.S. market in specialty stores. Certain large retailers are also beginning to carry Kenyan crafts.

Handicrafts – Online Marketing

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Online marketing has gathered pace in Kenya in the past few years with websites such as Rupu and Jumia showcasing a wide variety of products. Websites  specifically marketing and retailing artworks are popping up.

Handicrafts in Kenya
Handicrafts in Kenya

Handicrafts in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all  their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the Kenyan handicrafts business websites.

List of Kenyan Handicrafts

  1. Aberdare Steel & Hardware Ltd
  2. Abhani Commercial Ltd
  3. Alloytech General Supplies
  4. Amar Hardware Ltd
  5. Ambar Enterprises
  6. Apex Steel Ltd – Mombasa Division
  7. Apex Steel Ltd – Nairobi Division
  8. Apex Steel Ltd – Nairobi Division
  9. August Auto Agencies Ltd
  10. Badar Hardware Ltd
  11. Beta Hardware & Supplies Ltd
  12. Blue Nile (E.A) Ltd
  13. Broadview Enterprises Ltd
  14. Bulling & Cowen (Kenya) Ltd
  15. Bumber Harvest
  16. Bungoma Beacon
  17. Ceramic Depot Ltd
  18. Ceramic Depot Ltd
  19. Chhaganlal Morarji & Co Ltd
  20. Coast Timberland Hardware Ltd
  21. Dipdaya
  22. Dodhia Brothers
  23. Doshi & Co (Hardware) Ltd
  24. Doshi & Co (Hardware) Ltd
  25. Doshi & Co (Hardware) Ltd
  26. Durahard Ltd
  27. Durahard Ltd
  28. Eam Ean Traders
  29. Silverspread Hardwares Ltd

Handicrafts in Kenya – Video