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Animation in Kenya-Animation companies in Kenya

Animation in Kenya- Animation Companies in Kenya

Animation started off by generating children’s content, but now, its hand is in every movie we watch. It is a world where science meets art in a painstaking process that has taken Animation in Kenya years to master.

Animation in Kenya – Animators in Kenya

Animators in Kenya have forgotten more than most 80 year old’s know. This is his observation after spending most life observing life on three different continents, Africa, Europe and North America. They use creative arts to make sense of the experiences they were blessed to have. They have been in the industry since 2007.

Some companies provide all the services and elements required to produce Film and TV commercials, feature films, television programs, music videos, documentaries, corporate and brand & viral videos.
They take special care to understand your production brief carefully, so they can quote on exactly what you require and offer excellent production value for your money.

Animation in Kenya – 3D Animation

With over a hundred years of evolution of Animation, the craft has moved from a comic strip to digital and visual effects that infiltrate every creative work. Absolutely everything that comes to your screen passes through an animators desk

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Animation in Kenya Photo

Animation in Kenya Photo

Animation as a tool of teaching

Animation in Kenya show the african continent in a more realistic and positive light as opposed to the disease ridden and poverty striken picture usually paintyed in the media.

Cartoons are being accepted as a useful tool for educating children and not just as a form of entertainment. This is evident with the rapid growth of digital education that has seen more and morew schools using tablets, kindles and other electronic dives as teaching aids.

Research, especially as observed by parents and teachers, shows that cartoons help in building cognitive skills in children. These skills are attention, thinking and memory, which are mostly aided by the use of visual objects ,humour and colour.

Cartoons have also been found to increase language skills – listening, speaking,reading and writing – thus enabling children to communicate effectively. Through the repetition of words, fun rhymes and catchy tunes, they learn to listen and mimick words. They eventually learn to associate the words by relating them to the images they see then later on speak.

Aside from aiding in cognitive and language skills, cartoons also help in building on moral behavior. Children tend to associate best with cartoon characters due to their awe-inspiring nature. They therefore find it easier to have role models in these characters and take in moral lessons from them more readily as opposed to those taught by adults. African cartoons often incorporate African culture thus instilling some moral and cultural values in Kenyan children.

Colleges offering 3D animation

Zalego Institute, Westlands

Intel College, Nairobi

Novel Institute of Technology, Kangemi

Harraf International College, Eastleigh

Thika Institute of Engineering and Technology, Thika

Media School Africa, Nairobi

Nairobi Art Academy, Nairobi

Bell Institute of Technology, Nairobi

Kiwan Computer College, Nairobi

Computer Pride Learning Centre, Nairobi

Shang Tao Media Arts College, Nairobi

List of Animation Companies in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all companies dealing with Animation, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the Animation in Kenya company websites

    Animation Companies in Kenya – Video

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