Cleaning Services in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all cleaning services in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the cleaning companies in Kenya website.

Cleaning Companies in Kenya

1. Blue Ocean Investments

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Blue Ocean Investment Company was founded by John Doyle in 1995. John understood that the financial markets were often complex and difficult to understand. He wanted to provide an advice service to everyday people in order that they could be assured in the knowledge that they made the right choices for their future.

For more information please visit: Blue Ocean Investment Company

2. Extreme Clean Ltd

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Extreme Clean Ltd is a family-owned and -operated business – where a handshake still means something. The Company made cleaning of every variety – from residences to industrial

At Extreme Clean, Inc cleaning is our business. It’s what we do (we do a lot of it) and we’re really good at it. So why spend the time you could use honing your own skills doing something as mundane as cleaning? Let us give you the freedom to pursue your dreams.

For more information please visit: Extreme Clean Ltd

3. Avail Cleaning Services

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Avail cleaning services is a company dedicated to both commercial and residential cleaning, pest control, garbage collection, landscaping among others.

While we may be relative new-comers in the competitive world of shop, office and factory cleaning, the Proprietors’ hands-on experience spans some 17 years, much of it dealing with sensitive computer and electronic equipment. We have also been involved in the cleaning of many of Kenyas premier Shopping Centres where QUALITY, CARE and TIMEOUSNESS are paramount.

For more information please visit: Avail cleaning services

4. Blissful Cleaning – Kenya

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Blissful Cleaning – Kenya is a cleaning service and provide services as folllows: Carpets & Upholstery, Mattresses, Rugs, Leather/Fabric Sofas & Chairs, wooden/tile floors care, Domestic & Commercial.

For more information please visit: Blissful Cleaning – Kenya

5. Spaklean Cleaning Services

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Spaklean Cleaning Services is an emerging company that is bringing a lot of innovation and professionalism into the Custodial Management Industry, offering Facility Maintenance, Commercial Cleaning and Project Management Services.

For more information please visit: Spaklean Cleaning Services

6. Usafi Spaces Cleaning Services

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Usafi Spaces Cleaning Services was established in 2015 and is evolving to become a unique and the most specialized cleaning company in Kenya for both domestic and commercial clients. Employing modern technology in equipment used and channel to reach clients, we are on top of our game in redefining cleaning.

For more information please visit: Usafi Spaces Cleaning Services

7. SafiQwetu Cleaning Services

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

SafiQwetu Cleaning Services is a highly rated cleaning service in Nairobi. Its friendly & professionally employed cleaners are background-checked and bring eco-friendly supplies. Its cleaning system is developed and perfected to achieve quality and satisfy its clients. Its focus is to provide thorough and detailed cleaning services with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

For more information please visit: SafiQwetu Cleaning Services

8. Carousel Cleaning Service

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Carousel Cleaning Service is a includes the following services: Vacuuming, Pre-Spotting, Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning, Most Furniture Moved, Turbo Air Movers&Grooming of Carpet Nap.

For more information please visit: Carousel Cleaning Service

9. Royal Maids Cleaning Services

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Royal Maids is a cleaning Service located at Karen, offering both home owners and business owners a clean and tidy living and work spaces, providing a useful and much needed service to those requiring hassle free cleaning solutions in their lives.

For more information please visit: Royal Maids Cleaning Services

10. Crystal Africa Cleaning Services Ltd

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Crystal Africa Cleaning Service Limited is a cleaning company engaged in offering premium quality cleaning and fumigation services to households and commercial buildings. Crystal Africa Technology Ltd is located in Nairobi, Kenya. Company is working in Retail services, Barcode systems business activities.

For more information please visit:: Crystal Africa Cleaning Service Limited

11. One Way Cleaning Services

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

One Way Cleaning Services Limited has been in operation since 1997 To date we have grown to become a reputable and serious player in the cleaning industry with a committed and professionally trained staff base of over 1200 employees.

For more information please visit: One Way Cleaning Services

12. Safisana Home Services

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Safisana Home Services is a Kenya company tailored to provide thorough, timely and extremely professional home support services. The Company offer one time house cleaning and laundry services or recurring residential cleaning and laundry services weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It has customized program that focuses on the areas of your home that you designate.

For more information please visit: Safisana Home Services

13. Lavington Cleaning Services

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Lavington cleaning services is a subsidiary of a privately owned company known as the BEDICKS Group Limited. Lavington Cleaning Services provide cleaning services and consults in the areas of specialized cleaning, detailing, restoration and maintenance suitable for cooperation’s, law firms, banks, NGO’s, Insurance Companies, Movie theaters, Churches, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, colleges and other institutions.

For more information please visit: Lavington Cleaning Services

14. Denpet Cleaning Services LTD

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Denpet Cleaning Services LTD is standard service built on the engine of services that meet the needs of the client.
There are many approaches in the cleaning sector and Denpet understand that each task is unique in its own right. Therefore, present customized cleaning approaches that are guaranteed to deliver the best results for your cleaning needs.

For more information please visit: Denpet Cleaning Services LTD

15. Simag Bin Collection company

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Simag Bin Collection Company is a general garbage collection programme for households and institution they also provide bin bags for weekly use,the collection is done twice a week(for households) n on daily bases for hotelier.Smag Bin provides quality hygiene care to our clients & custmoer satisfaction.

For more information please visit: Simag Bin Collection Company

16. Usafi House Keepers

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Usafi House Keepers Provides Cleaning, care and maintenance of your entire house, from the bedroom, kitchen, balcony and the living room. Special care for kids bedroom. For more information about Usafi House Keepers, please see the contacts below:

For more information please visit: Usafi House Keepers

17. Nanny Academy Kenya

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Nanny Academy Kenya serves the whole of Nairobi in provision for nannies’ and housekeepers’ services. We are nationally recognized for our reputation of professionalism, quality and great customer service.
We raise up godly housekeepers, train them in the ways of God, teach them everything concerning cooking African dishes, continental dishes, baking, snacks among other home related activities.

For more information please visit: Nanny Academy Kenya

18. Sofa set/carpet cleaning services in Nairobi -Conpest

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Sofa set/carpet cleaning services in Nairobi -Conpest provide the best sofa set cleaning services in Nairobi.
Getting sofas set cleaned these days is a very challenging task that is whythey have specialized in it. There are so many different kinds of sofas and all of them are different from each other. Each one of them is made of different materials. The staff have specialized in this services and are proud of being the best cleaners in Nairobi.

For more information please visit: Sofa set/carpet cleaning services in Nairobi -Conpest

19. Bi-son International ltd

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Bison International Ltd is a worldwide manufacturer of high quality adhesives, sealants and maintenance products. With our brands Bison, Griffon, Bison Professional and UHU, Bison International Ltd is a leading player in the European market. Other strong brands are Italian Bostik and Spanish Imedio.

For more information please visit: Bison International Ltd

20. Bubbles Self-Service Laundromat

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Bubbles Self-Service Laundromat is a 24-hour self-service laundry shop with imported washing machines. Customers can wash and dry their laundry all in one hour. Just bring your clothes and detergent and buy a card to use the washer.

For more information please visit: Bubbles Self-Service Laundromat

21. Harvest Cleaning Services

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Harvest Cleaning Services was founded in 2010 by individuals who had in-depth knowledge of the cleaning industry in Kenya. Fueled by a desire to raise standards in the industry. The company has grown over the years to become a widely recognized cleaning service provider and continues to strive to provide excellent cleaning services to meet the ever evolving needs of our diverse clientele. Harvest Cleaning Services has a proven history of excellence and dedication to clients, delivering high-quality and professional services across Kenya.

For more information please visit: Harvest Cleaning Services

22. Njema Cleaning Services

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Njema cleaning services is a cleaning company in Kenya that offers professional modern and affordable cleaning services. Having a clean,organized space is key to productivity and peace of mind for anyone who would like to move a step ahead in life.To achieve this we at Njema Cleaning offer our services to you.

For more information please visit: Njema Cleaning Services

23. Isamado Homecare – Nairobi

Category: Cleaning Services in Kenya

Isamado Homecare is the premier Home Support Services Supermarket in Kenya. We provide quality assured Home Cleaning & Support Services. The company is located in Nairobi, Kenya.

For more information please visit: Isamado Homecare

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