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Aquariums in Kenya

Aquariums in Kenya

Studies show that aquariums, apart from being aesthetically appealing, are beneficial to humans since the sluggishly swimming fish have the effect of lowering people’s heart rates and blood pressure. However, Aquariums in Kenya have for years only been present in living rooms of well-to-do individuals or in foyers of swanky hotels and high-end corporate offices.

Aquariums  – Glass Homes

This is despite the fact that fish, and their glass homes, are relatively inexpensive to maintain.However, this is changing as more people realize this fact and it is now not uncommon to find goldfish swimming in the living room of a middle-class  residents.

Aquariums  – Service Aquariums

Exiting Articles

These companies custom make and sell aquariums, fish and also service aquariums for many fish lovers all over Kenya. They also import nanny cameras and sell them online. They make all the deliveries and my clients have always been happy with their goods. They also sell exotic fish and yes, they do care about the fish i.e they don’t put salt water fish in fresh water, and they educate my clients on fish keeping.

Aquariums in Kenya
Aquariums in Kenya

List of Aquariums in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all aquariums , their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the aquariums in Kenya business websites.

  1. Acquazone Pet Centre Solutions
  2. Acquazone Pet Centre Solutions
  3. Aquarium & Garden Pond Supplies
  4. Arplad Architects Ltd
  5. Big Fish Aquariums
  6. Kitasuru Farm Services Ltd
  7. Petroz Pets

Aquariums in Kenya – Video