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Money Transfer in Kenya – Money Transfer Companies in Kenya

Money Transfer in Kenya

Money Transfer in Kenya businesses makes money from currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees and foreign exchange rates may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors. Fees and rates subject to change without notice.

Money Transfer in Kenya – Mobile Technology

Money Transfer in Kenya had advanced in mobile technology. An equivalent to more than two-thirds of the adult population; around 25% of the country’s gross national product flows through it. These companies lets people transfer cash using their phones, and is by far the most successful scheme of its type on earth. Kenya leads the world in mobile money technology.

Money Transfer in Kenya Photo

Money Transfer in Kenya Photo

Money Transfer in Kenya

If you’re working with a freelancer or a team of workers in Kenya and want to transfer money, you have to be prepared for all the charges and fees that come with money transfers.

Money Transfer in Kenya – Transfer solution

Exiting Articles

Time Doctor is a time management tool that attracts professionals from all parts of the world that work with remote teams. Many of these professionals are in need of a cost-efficient and practical international money transfer solution.

Money Transfer in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all money transfer in Kenya companies, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the money transfer companies in Kenya websites.

List of Money Transfer Companies in Kenya

  1. Advantage Network
  2. Afripayments Kenya Ltd
  3. Brilliant United Investment Co. Ltd
  4. Brown Twin Enterprises
  5. By Grace Investments
  6. Card Planet Solutions
  7. Centoil Ltd
  8. Dahabshiil Money Transfer Company Ltd
  9. Danley General Suppliers Ltd
  10. Dreamland Communication
  11. East Gate Parcel Service Ltd
  12. Elami Ltd
  13. Esstar Com
  14. Euro Stars Shop
  15. Evelyne Taigu
  16. Ezeemoney Ltd
  17. Fone to Fone Cellular Money Transfer Enterprises – Diaspora Remittances
  18. Gem Africa Industries Ltd
  19. Geotresh Services
  20. High Hope Communication
  21. Hitech Links
  22. Itworks Communication Limited
  23. Jalish Trading
  24. Jambopay
  25. Jatel Communications Ltd
  26. Jeka Tech Communication
  27. Jestar Enterprises
  28. Jobilanta Enterprise
  29. Joel Communications
  30. Joseph M. Kongo’ni
  31. Just Supplies
  32. Jydi Communciations
  33. Kagochi Spot Shop
  34. Kanes Property Agencies Ltd
  35. Kathimo Investment
  36. Kendy Technologies Ltd
  37. M-Karas Accesories
  38. Masaa Agencies
  39. Meridian
  40. Micromobile
  41. Mobile Pay Ltd
  42. Mobiphone Accessories
  43. Mogyz Communication
  44. Monetary Dynamics Ltd
  45. MSN Communication Ltd
  46. Mwamu Contractors
  47. Nashar Enterprise
  48. Ncadreen Enterprises
  49. Neon
  50. Netter General Suppliers Ltd
  51. New Vision Mpesa
  52. Njiri Kiosk
  53. Nothern Traders Communication Co. Ltd
  54. Nova Communication Consults
  55. Nujum Communications
  56. Online Mobile Communications Ltd
  57. Pargee Ltd
  58. Premier Nets Com Ltd
  59. Ramna Ltd
  60. Ramu Enterprises
  61. Raphacare Supplies
  62. Raykom Enterprises
  63. Rojaki Co. Ltd
  64. Rosewa Communications
  65. Safaricom Authorised Data
  66. Salynn Enterprises
  67. Samper Geral Agencies
  68. Spider Mobile Ltd
  69. Suncom Mobiles
  70. Superdrug Mpesa
  71. Superiorfone Harvesters
  72. Taikom Communications
  73. Trodding Africa Times Ltd
  74. Wabcom Technologies
  75. Western Union
  76. Win Mag
  77. Yanoor Enterprises
  78. Zion Communication

Money Transfer in Kenya – Video