Welfare Associations in Kenya

Welfare Associations in Kenya companies have Visions to engage all Kenyans -the rich and the poor- in resources sourcing, mobilizing, distribution and efficiency in allocation by molding them into the basic economic cells and units which form the requisite sine qua non for a mutually progressive and beneficial society.

Welfare Associations in Kenya

Welfare associations, Missions are to break ‘the Cain spirit’ for prosperity by each one of us, directly or indirectly, becoming his or her brother’s keeper. Individualism drives them to poverty as they invest in small time unreliable businesses and when their saving culture neither adds value to their lives nor creates wealth for their children

Welfare Associations in Kenya Photo
Welfare Associations in Kenya Photo

Welfare Associations  – Ultimate Goal

Welfare associations seek to emulate the established community’s model of communal pooling of resources to invest in the common good. This provides for communal economic security and individual gains.
Welfare associations seek to invest in our people’s potential by affording every deserving Kenyan who is ready to work for it an easy access to holistic educational resources. (T&C apply)

Welfare Associations in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all welfare associations in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the welfare associations in Kenya websites.

List of Welfare Associations in Kenya

  1. ACI Kenya
  2. African Airlines Association
  3. African Cotton & Textiles Industries Federation
  4. Aiesec Kenya
  5. Amalgamated Union of Kenya Metal Workers
  6. Anant Bhatt Ruysenaars & Associations Ltd
  7. Architectural Association of Kenya
  8. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  9. Association of East African Women Entrepreneurs
  10. Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya
  11. Association of Kenya Medical Lab Scientific
  12. Associations In Kenya
  13. B. Mbai & Associates
  14. Banking Insurance Finance Union
  15. Bhanji & Associates Ltd
  16. Biblia Sacco Ltd
  17. BMP International Ltd
  18. C M Kamau & Associates
  19. Central Organization of Trade Unions (Kenya)
  20. Cezam & Associates Ltd
  21. Chuodho Women Group
  22. Communication Workers Union Of Kenya – COWU (K)
  23. Devkin Associates Limited
  24. East And Central Africa Social Security Association
  25. Eastern Africa Association
  26. Edward Chittenden Ltd
  27. Election Observation Group
  28. Emo Community Development Society
  29. Entwise Associates Ltd
  30. Federation of Kenya Employers
  31. Geological Society of Kenya
  32. Industrial Promotion Services (K) Ltd
  33. Jubilee Building Co-Operative
  34. Kangei & Nyakinyua Consumers Co-op Society
  35. Keming Trading Co. Ltd
  36. Kencom Sacco Society Ltd
  37. Kenya Association Of Air Operators
  38. Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers & Caterers (KAHC)
  39. Kenya Association of Private Employment Agencies (KAPEA)
  40. Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA)
  41. Kenya Bankers
  42. Kenya Bankers Sacco Society Ltd
  43. Kenya Cancer Association (KENCASA)
  44. Kenya Chemicals & Allied Workers Union
  45. Kenya Dental Association (KDA)
  46. Kenya Energy & Telecoms Co Ltd
  47. Kenya Fish Processors & Exporters Association (AFIPEK)
  48. Kenya Girl Guides Association (KGGA)
  49. Kenya Information Preservation Society
  50. Kenya International Freight & Warehousing Association ( KIFWA)
  51. Kenya Local Government Workers Union
  52. Kenya Medical Association (KMA)
  53. Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists And Dentists Union
  54. Kenya National Association Of Parents
  55. Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, The
  56. Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The
  57. Kenya National Farmers’ Federation
  58. Kenya National Private Security Workers
  59. Kenya National Union of Nurses
  60. Kenya National Union of Teachers
  61. Kenya Pharmaceutical Association
  62. Kenya Quarry & Mine Workers Union
  63. Kenya Renewable Energy Association (KEREA)
  64. Kenya Shoe & Leather Workers Union
  65. Kenya Tenri Society
  66. Kenya Union of Domestic Hotels,Educational Institutions,Hospitals & Allied Workers
  67. Kenya Women Judges Association
  68. Kindergarten Headmistresses’ Association (KHA)
  69. Knut Kiambu East Branch
  70. Kudhaiha Workers Union
  71. Kupripupa Workers Union
  72. M L Trading Co Ltd
  73. Manfreco Ltd
  74. Matatu Owners Association
  75. Matatu Welfare Association
  76. Matatu Welfare Association (Coast Branch)
  77. Michezo Afrika ltd
  78. Muli (K) Ltd
  79. Nation Tax Payers Association (NTA)
  80. National Water Summit
  81. Nitunze Sacco Society Ltd
  82. Njuguna Kioi & Associates
  83. Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)
  84. Petroleum Institute of (E.A.)
  85. Rabbit Breeders Association of Kenya
  86. Ritedims Consultants
  87. Roroma Kenya Ltd
  88. Safaricom Dealers Association
  89. Schidespus Services
  90. Stara Peace Women Organization
  91. Sukari Investment Co-Operative Society
  92. Technology Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK)
  93. Thamani Sacco Society
  94. The Kenya Alcohol Control and Policy Alliance (KAPA)
  95. The Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO)
  96. The Kenya Chamber of Mines (KCM)
  97. The Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA)
  98. The Kenya Transporters Association (KTA)
  99. Transport Workers Union
  100. Two Ems Associates Limited
  101. Universities Academic Staff Union
  102. Welfare Associations in Kenya

Welfare Associations in Kenya – Video


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