Kenya Visa – Kenyan Visa

All visitors to Kenya are required to have valid passports. Kenya Visa are also required for visitors who are not citizens of the commonwealth countries. At present visitors from West Germany, Denmark, Norway, San Marino, Sweden, Ethiopia, Finland, Spain, Turkey and Uruguay do not require Kenyan visa. However, since visa requirements may change, it is advisable for the visitors to check the current visa requirements through airlines., tour operators or Kenya Tourist Offices, Kenya Embassy or High Commission in their countries before coming, to avoid embarrassment.

Kenya Visas normally take upto six weeks to process and are valid for a three month period. Those visitors with proper documents and who also possess onward or return tickets may be given visitors’ passes free of charge on arrival at any Kenyan point of entry.

During the three months period, the visitors’ pass holders are not allowed to engage themselves in any form of work or business in the country without authority from the Principal Immigration officer. Visitors without proper documents will be required to pay a refundable deposit of KShs. 5,000/= before they are issued with visitor passes.

What is a Kenyan Visa

A visa is an endorsement in a passport/travel document which facilitates entry into the country subject to meeting the requirements as is stipulated in the Act /regulation. It should be noted that a visa is not an authority to enter a country. Kenya Visas are required for most nationals and cost $50 (Sh4,000). A visa can be obtained on entry. But it should be obtained before arrival to avoid lengthy queues. Visa application forms are available online.

Kenya Visa Application

A Kenyan visa is required by visitors travelling to Kenya with the exception of those holding a re-entry pass to Kenya and citizens of Ethiopia, San Marino, Turkey and Uruguay. A valid passport with sufficient number of unused pages for endorsements abroad is also vital. The passport must be signed and valid for at least six months. Other Kenya visa requirements are a visa application form completed and signed by the applicant, two passport size photographs attached to the application form, valid round trip ticket or a letter from a travel agent certifying that the applicant holds prepaid arrangements. Also required is a self-addressed stamped envelope for express mail, courier or registered mail if the visa is urgently required. Metered stamps are not acceptable. Also provide home and work telephone numbers, enclose the photographs and payment to avoid delay. Visa fees payable by cash to the Embassy of Kenya — multiple entry visa $100 (Sh8,000), single journey visa $50 (Sh4,000), transit visa at entry $20 (Sh1,600). Multiple entry visas are normally issued for six months. )

Types of Kenya Visas

a) Ordinary Kenya Visa (SJV,MJV)

These are visas issued to all persons whose nationalities require visas to enter Kenya for visits or residence and shall be issued strictly in accordance with the provisions of categories 1, 2 and 3 of the Visa Regulations.

b) Transit Kenya Visa

These are visas required by all persons whose nationalities require visas to enter Kenya and are intending to transit through Kenya to a third destination for periods not exceeding three days and shall be issued strictly in accordance with the provisions of categories 1, 2 and 3 of the Visa Regulations.

c) Diplomatic Kenya Visa (SJV,MJV)

Diplomatic (Multiple, Ordinary or Transit) Visas are issued gratis to holders of Diplomatic Passports on official visits. These visas should be issued strictly in accordance with the provisions of categories 1, 2 and 3 of the Visa Regulations.

d) Official/Service Kenya Visa

Official/Service (Multiple, Ordinary or Transit) Visas are issued gratis to holders of Official or Service passports on official visits. These visas should be issued in accordance with the provisions of categories 1, 2 and 3 of the Visa Regulations.

e) Multiple Journey Kenya Visa

All persons who are nationals of countries which require visas for Kenya and who by nature of their business or circumstances require to make frequent visits to Kenya may be issued with Multiple Journey Visas for Kenya valid for up to twelve (12) months or part there of as the case may be.

f) Courtesy Kenya Visa

Courtesy (Transit and Ordinary ) Visas may be issued gratis in accordance with the Provisions of categories 1, 2 and 3 of the Visa Regulations, where the applicant is not entitled to a Diplomatic Visa, but where it is considered by the issuing officer to be desirable on the grounds of international courtesy.

Kenya Visa Requirements and Application

Kenya Visa Requirements

Reference and reference fees

i.) Where reference to the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi, is necessary before the issue of a visa, the completed application forms in duplicate with two recent passport size photographs of the applicant shall be forwarded to the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi, for approval in the usual manner to reach him at least one month prior to the proposed date of the applicant’s departure to Kenya. ii.) Where a visa application is referred to the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi, a reference fee of US $ 5 shall be collected at the time of application. The applicant’s passport shall be endorsed as follows: Kenya visa applied for …………………………………(place and date) Fee US $ 5 paid. Receipt No.……………………………………. The endorsement shall be made on a blank page and initiated by the visa officer. It shall be endorsed in such a manner, so as to leave enough space for the actual visa to be endorsed on the same page, if approved. iii.) Where a visa has been referred and approved by the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi, it should be endorsed in the applicant’s passport immediately below the “visa applied for” endorsement. iv.) The visa Issuing Officer shall indicate the fee paid, official receipt number and quote the approval authority number and the date the visa is issued. v. )The reference fee charged shall be non-refundable and where a referred visa is approved and issued, the proper visa fee shall be charged thereof and no account taken of any reference fee paid.

Kenya Visa fees

a) The Transit Visa fee is US $ 20. b) The Referral Visa fee is US $ 10 non-refundable. c) The Ordinary / Single Journey Visa fee is US $ 50. d) The Multiple Journey Visa fee is US $ 110.

However, nationals of the following countries do not require Kenyan visas to enter Kenya.

  1. Barbados
  2. Belize
  3. Botswana
  4. Brunei Darusssalam
  5. Burundi
  6. Cyprus
  7. Dominica
  8. Fiji Island
  9. Ghana
  10. Grenada
  11. Jamaica
  12. Kiribati
  13. Lesotho
  14. Malawi
  15. Malaysia (For less than 30 days stay)
  16. Maldives
  17. Mauritius
  18. Namibia
  19. Nauru
  20. Papua New Guinea
  21. Rwanda
  22. Samoa
  23. Sierra Leone
  24. Singapore
  25. Solomon Islands
  26. South Africa (For less than 30 days stay)
  27. St. Kitts and Navis
  28. St. Lucia
  29. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  30. Swaziland
  31. Seychelles
  32. Tanzania
  33. The Bahamas
  34. The Gambia
  35. Tonga
  36. Trinidad and Tobago
  37. Tuvalu
  38. Uganda
  39. Vanuatu
  40. Zambia
  41. Zimbabwe

For those whose country doesn’t appear in the list above, visas can be obtained at Kenya Airports upon arrival. It’s advisable to obtain the visa from the Kenyan Embassy/Kenya High Commission in your country prior to departure. * Note: The list of countries shown above is subject to change