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Working in Kenya

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Working in Kenya

Kenya is highly cosmopolitan and open place for expatriates to live and work. It is the gateway to Africa and a global hub for travel. Kenya is also centrally located and since it is a developing country working in Kenya is amusing.

With a large-scale tourism industry, a thriving and highly integrated expatriate community, the 3000-employee Africa-wide headquarters of the United Nations, and numerous other headquarters of NGOs, international organizations and corporations, Kenyans have significant experience serving the global community.Working in Kenya having relatively good types of amenities makes it a comfortable place for expatriates, including the following:

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International Schools

There are 25 British system schools and at least 50 international schools in Kenya, which offer exceptional opportunities for students to excel in academics, sports and the arts who later feel inclined working in Kenya. For example, schools like St. Andrews Turi offer a British curriculum education that is on par with, if not better than the best schools overseas. A substantial proportion of the graduates of such institutions go on to study at Oxbridge and in the Ivy League.

World Class Restaurants

Because of Kenya’s cosmopolitan nature, its status as an international tourism destination, and the presence of a range of international organizations, Kenya offers a wide range of cuisines from Japanese to Thai; Indian to Italian; local to Lebanese. These tourists prefer working in Kenya unlike other East African countries hence most of their headquarters are in Nairobi

working in kenya

Round the clock amenities

With 24-hour shopping and late-night access to services, restaurants and nightlife, Kenya’s cities never sleep. Comparison to the developed countries with this amenities working in Kenya makes visitors enjoy their stay since they feel at home

Great entertainment:

Kenya has the types of entertainment and cultural attractions to keep everyone engaged, from excellent theaters showing globally renowned plays to cinemas showing the latest movies to great live music of all genres. Unlike other East-African countries working in Kenya is fun.

Parks and outdoor living

Kenya has a very strong outdoors oriented culture, providing opportunities for a range of sports and games, including golf, polo, horse riding, cricket, rugby, bungee jumping, rock climbing, water rafting, paint ball and many more activities. With plenty of parks throughout its cities, water parks, and other outdoor attractions, Kenya provides great outdoor environments for the whole family.

Vacation Spots

Kenya’s world famous tourism provide something for every type of traveller; including Mt. Kenya for an adventure, the Masai Mara for an unrivaled safari experience, Mombasa for a relaxing beach vacation, and many other great destinations.

In conclusion, we would just like to say ‘Karibu’. In Swahili this means ‘welcome’ and what you will find when you come to Kenya is that you are welcomed in every part of the country – from its wonderful tourist locations to its skyscraper dominated cities. Kenya has always exuded warmth and hospitality and been well known for it. With the immense strides Kenya has taken to combine first world infrastructure with old world African charm, it has also become a truly welcoming, attractive, and globally competitive destination for BPO.

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