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Josphat R. Gachie

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Josphat R. Gachie

Josphat R. Gachie

Name: Josphat R. Gachie

Location: Nairobi Kenya

Hobbies: Travel, Reading and Charity

 My Story:

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I started designing my first website in 2008 as my fourth year project at Egerton University. I had no previous design or internet marketing experience and what we had been taught in class was very little.

Since my graduation has been though a very bumpy path to get to what it is today.I am still hopeful and optimistic that one day Softkenya will be the most comprehensive information guide in Kenya.

While developing I taught myself how to use various software applications and how to market the site effectively in order to generate business. Quite soon after that family and friends began to ask me to do the same for them and so my portfolio began to grow. In 2012 I decided to make it official and Softkenya Website Design was created.

To date I together with my very professional team have undertaken numerous web based projects successfully. I aim to help people who are starting out in the same position I did – with little money and internet marketing knowledge. If that’s you then have a look at what we can do for you here