Muslims and Islam in Kenya

Islam in Kenya is the second widely practiced religion in Kenya and the followers include the Sunni, Shia and Islamia.

Muslims in Kenya are about 10 percent of the Kenya population. Although Islam has spread throughout Kenya, the largest number of Muslims is found in the coastal region and North-Eastern region.

Other parts of the country also have sizeable number of Muslims. Kadhi’s courts have legal jurisdiction over personal law for the Muslims marriage, divorce and inheritance.

Muslims and Islam in  Kenya

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) is the umbrella body of all the Muslim Organizations, Societies, Mosques Committees and Groups in Kenya. The members of the Council are these Organizations, Societies, Committees and groups affiliated to it and not individual Muslims. The population of Kenya is 30 million (thirty million). The Muslims constitute thirty percent. This translates to 10 million (ten million) Muslims.

Muslims and Islam in  Kenya – Reasons for the formation of Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM)

Muslims in Kenya as in any part of the world have different local problems and needs. To solve these problems, Groups, Committees, Societies and Organizations are formed. Each of these Organizations aims at improving the life of its members; and by life it means the short life on the surface of the earth (Dun’ya) and the eternal life hereafter (Akhera).

These Organizations may be approaching the same issues and problems in uncoordinated ways and may be duplicating them. Efforts to bring about the coordination of these activities and common approach to issues and problems led to the idea of the formation of Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims. The council was formed with a clear vision of a united and therefore strong Muslim Community in the country. A community to be recognized in the country.

A community whose contributions in national development would not only be enhanced through unity but would also not be taken for granted. A community with clear, strong and established links with the Kenya Government and with the outside world.

The Muslims had been discussing the idea and by the Grace of Allah, the idea was strengthened by the visit of Almarhum Sheikh Muhammad Mahmoud Asswawaaf who was sent from Saudi Arabia by the late king Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Soudy (Rahmatullah aleihi) who helped to form such Supreme bodies in quite a number of African Countries. The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) was formed in May 1973 following the holding of a General Conference at Qur ‘an house, Mfangano Street, Nairobi Kenya.

Muslims and Islam in Kenya
Muslims and Islam in Kenya