The Kenyan Flag was adopted on 12 December 1963

The Kenya Flag is based on the colors of the  KANU (Kenya African National Union) flag, the party that led the fight for freedom and independence. It was adopted as Kenya’s flag on 12 december 1963. The colours symbolize black  for the majority(africans),Red for the blood of the people and green for the natural wealth. On independence the white fimbriation was added, symbolizing peace. The defence of freedom is symbolized by a traditional Masai shield and two spears.

Kenya Flag

Three major strips – Black , Red , and Green separated by narrow white strips. A symmetrical shield and spears superimposed centrally.

Black represents the people of Kenya.

Red represents the struggle for freedom.

Green represents Kenya’s agriculture and natural resources.

White represents Unity and Peace.

The black, red and white shield symbolizes the defense of freedom.

History and Previous Kenya Flags Images

British Colonial Kenya Flag – Flag of the Colony of Kenya (1920-1963)

This was the flag of colony and protectorate of Kenya which was the part of the British empire in Africa. It was adopted in 1920 when the former East Africa protectorate was transformed into a British crown colony. It used as the flag of Kenya since 1963 when the black majority government was elected for the first time in the history and the eventually declared the independence of Kenya from British.

British Colonial Kenya Flag
British Colonial Kenya Flag

Kenya African National Union (KANU) Flag

The Kenya African National Union (KANU) flag is the base of the Current Kenyan Flag.

Kenya African National Union (KANU) Flag
Kenya African National Union (KANU) Flag

Current Kenyan Flag (1963 – To Date)

This flag was adopted in 1963 after the independence of Kenya from British crown. it is actually based on a flag of the political party “Kenya Africa National Union” (KANU), which has the same color pattern as Kenyan national flag the only difference was the rooster which was on the flag of the KANU, instead of Rooster their is a shield along with two spears. This party played the major role for the independence of Kenya against the British crown. the White color was added after the independence of Kenya to show peace and honesty.

Kenyan Flag
Kenyan Flag

Kenyan Flag Video