List of Provinces in Kenya
  1. Central Provinces
  2. Coast Provinces
  3. Eastern Provinces
  4. Nairobi Provinces
  5. North Eastern Provinces
  6. Nyanza Provinces
  7. Rift Vally Provinces
  8. Western  Provinces

The provinces are subdivided into

  1. 71 districts (wilaya) – which are then subdivided into
  2. 262 divisions (tarafa). The divisions are subdivided into
  3. 2,427 locations (kata) and then
  4. 6,612 sublocations (kata ndogo)

A province is administered by a Provincial Commissioner (PC).

Kenyan local  authorities mostly do not follow common boundaries with divisions. They are  classified as City, Municipality, Town or County councils.

A third discrete type of classification are constituencies. They are further subdivided into wards.