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Women Groups in Kenya and Women Organisations in Kenya

Women Groups in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all women groups in kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the women organisations website.

List of Self Help Groups in Kenya – Names of Self Help Groups in Kenya

Women Groups in Kenya – The UMOJA UASO Women’s Group

The UMOJA UASO Women’s Group, in Archer’s Post, Samburu district, was founded with the mission to improve the livelihood of its members and the Samburu community through education and poverty alleviation. In this way, the group helps fight the many inequalities faced by Samburu women. Thus empowered, these women are securing their livelihoods, while providing greater opportunities for their children’s futures.

Chairlady, Rebecca Lolosoli : +254-0- 721 659717

Mobile Phone Number:

Camp Site Booking : Fiona +254-0- 713062588

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Located near the Samburu Uaso Gate of Samburu National Reserve, Umoja also provides a unique experience for visitors. In addition to a guided tour of a traditional Samburu cultural centre and village, Umoja offers its guests a campsite complete with all the necessary amenities.

Women Groups in Kenya – GROOTS Kenya

GROOTS Kenya is a network of women self-help groups and community organizations in Kenya. It formed as a response to inadequate visibility of grassroots women in development and decision-making forums that directly impact them and their communities. GROOTS Kenya bridges this gap through initiatives that are community-centered and women-led.

The network’s objective is to “ensure that grassroots women are masters of their own destiny through their direct participation in decision making processes.” Thus GROOTS Kenya’s goal is to strengthen the role of grassroots women in community development by serving as a platform for grassroots women’s groups and individuals to: come together, to share their ideas/experiences, to network and to find avenues to directly participate in decision making, planning, and implementation of issues that affect them.

Groots women are masters of their own destiny through their direct participation in decision making processes.” Thus GROOTS Kenya’s goal is to strengthen the role of grassroots women in community development by serving as a platform for grassroots women’s groups and individuals to: come together, to share their ideas/experiences, to network and to find avenues to directly participate in decision making, planning, and implementation of issues that affect them.

Community Women undertaking a mapping exercise

Program Areas

Although GROOTS Kenya’s work is centered around the lives and needs of Grassroots Women and therefore largely non-thematic, it accomplishes its goals through four main program areas:

  1. Community Responses to HIV/AIDS
  2. Women and Property
  3. Women’s Leadership and Governance
  4. Community Resources and Livelihoods



Esther Mwaura

PO Box 10320-GPO

Nairobi, Kenya

2542718977 or 254-27-783640

Women Groups in Kenya – Chepkemel Beek Women Group & Primary School

The Water Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing sustainable water projects to communities in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.

The group currently buys and sells livestock as a collective, own a small shop in their village selling foodstuffs, and they make beadwork to sell to the occasional visiting tourists. Their efforts are constrained by a lack of sufficient water (they have one small hand pump that does not meet their needs) and a lack of tourists.

Mailing Address

The Water Project, Inc.

P.O. Box 3353

Concord, NH 03302-3353


4 Bicentennial Square, 3rd Floor

Concord, NH 03301


Phone:(800) 460-8974 (Toll-free from U.S. & Canada)

(704) 918-1804 (Direct)

(704) 200-9812 (Fax)

Women Groups in Kenya – Nyuat (“to assist themselves”) Women’s Group:

Years in operation: 4

Number of members: 34

The group sells foodstuffs such as sugar, tea leaves, and tobacco sold out of their members’ own homes. This is problematic because the stock and profits are often stolen by family members. They would like to open their own shop so that the goods can be secured.

Women Groups in Kenya – Mbagas Women’s Group:

Years in operation: 1

Number of members: 30

This group started by buying beads to resell to other groups, but due to transportation difficulties was unable to restock their supplies. They now make some beadwork to sell, but are mostly involved in selling tea and sugar. Last, they are often pressured to loan their profits to community members, and often are not repaid. Thus their profits are not reinvested into their businesses.

Women Groups in Kenya – Naapu (“uplift”) Women’s Group:

Years in operation: 1

Number of members: 32

This group is involved in selling sugar and tea, but have thus far experienced little success due to a lack of available funds.

Women Groups in Kenya – Naseryan (“cooperation/staying together”) Women’s Group:

Years in operation: 1

Number of members: 35

This group started by organizing a “merry-go-round” lending system, in which members would contribute money to a pool each month to then be allocated to a particular member to start their own small business. They have also initiated and registered their own adult education program, in which they employ the local nursery school teacher to conduct classes for the women every afternoon. While they make beadwork to sell in order to raise funds, they lack buyers for these products and have not been able to pay the teacher for the last 5 months.

Women Groups in Kenya – Power Women Group Kibera

The Powerwomen are a group of twenty women who came together to reduce poverty in the community.

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Women Groups in Kenya – FIDA Kenya

FIDA Kenya is a non-profit, women led, membership and women rights organization registered in Kenya that has for the past twenty six years cut a niche for itself as a fearless women rights defender and earned respect and international recognition in women rights advocacy. It was formed in 1985 after the UN 3rd women conference held in Nairobi as an affiliate organization to the Federation International De Abogadas’- The International Federation of Women Lawyers – FIDA which was formed in 1944 in Mexico by a group of women lawyers with the aim of promoting women’s rights globally.‘



Physical Address: Amboseli Road off Gitanga Road, Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya

Postal Address: P.O. BOX 46324-00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone:+254.20.3870444 or +254.20.3873511

Mobile:0722 509760 or 0733 845003




Physical Address: Kizingo East Road off Mama Ngina Drive , Mombasa , Kenya

Postal Address: P.O. BOX 80687-80100 Mombasa, Kenya

Telephone: +254.041.222 4500 or +254.041.231 3611

Mobile: 0724 256 659 or 0724 444 449


Physical Address: Milimani Estate, off Tom Mboya Drive , Kisumu , Kenya

Postal Address: P.O. BOX 19219-40100 Kisumu , Kenya

Telephone: +254.057.2025560

Mobile: 0724 256 658 or 0734 444 448

Women Groups in Kenya – Woman-to-woman peer group


PO Box 629

Village Market 00621

Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: 254-20-862-2000

Fax: 254-20-862-2680 / 2682


Women Groups in Kenya and Women Organisations in Kenya

Women Groups in Kenya and Women Organisations in Kenya

Women Organisations in Kenya

African Development Initiatives Network (ADIN)

P.O. Box 67391
Tel: (254-2) 213446/554272
Fax: (254-2) 542659/554272

African Women Link

PO Box 50795, Nairobi, Kenya.
Network of individuals, organisations and agencies working in development in Africa.

African Women’s Communication And Development Network

P.O. Box 54562
Tel: 254-2-440299
Fax: 254-2-443868
The organization’s objective is to promote gender, responsive policy, planning, implementation, advocacy and skills development and to work towards the empowerment of women.

Binti Legacy

Loita House
Loita Street
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +
Fax: +
Feminist Bookstore

Centre For African Family Studies

P.O. Box 60054
Tel: (254-2) 448618/448619
Fax: (254-2) 448621

Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW)

Ngong Road, near Adams Arcade
P O Box 7631
Tel: 254-2-574357/8
Fax: 254-2-574253

Council For Economic Empowerment Of Women In Africa

P.O. Box 42542
(254-2) 226742
(254-2) 340367

East Africa Women’s League (EAWL)

P.O.Box: 40308
Nairobi, Kenya

Education Centre for Women in Democracy

P.O. Box 62714
Tel: +254 2 562 304 or +254 2 570 386
Fax: +254 2 561 316

The Education Centre for Women in Democracy was founded and registered as an offical Kenyan organization in July 1993. The centre’s mission is to act in a non-partisan manner to assist women aspiring to political office at all levels. This is done by providing support by means of research, trainings, communicationprojects and education. The centre’s facilities include a research and resource library.

Family Life Counselling Association Of Kenya

POB 18077, Muchumbi Road South B
Tel: 558926/555977
Fax: 544640

Family Life Promotion And Services

P.O. Box 10608
Tel: (254 2) 332779
Fax: (254 2) 339087

“F.E.C.H.A. Programmes for Widows and Orphans” (Feeding, Education, Clothing, Healthcare & Advocacy)

Located 7 miles from Kisumu.
Currently, the Organisation is a Partner for the Kolping Community and they organise two workcamps per year with Kolping for young Students that help with the program.

Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

International House, 12th Floor, Mama Ngina Str, P.O. Box 53168
Tel: +254 2 226 590
Fax: +254 2 210 709

FAWE is an international NGO of educationalists committed to achieving gender equality within the educational system in Africa and promoting the education of women and girls. Since it began in 1993 with 5 ministers, membership has grown to over 60 African women including ministers in charge of national educational systems, vice chancellors of universities, women policy makers in education as well as 21 male ministers of education as associate members. FAWE has 31 national chapters in different countries. FAWE Kenya runs a resource centre. The accession lists of the resource centre are published on FAWE’s web page. Languages: English, French.

Gender and Development Centre

P.O. Box 1588

International Federation Of Women Lawyers – Kenya Chapter

P.O. Box 46324
Tel: (254 2) 717169
Fax: (254 2) 716840

Kenya Medical Women’s Association

Kabarnet Road
P.O. Box 49877
Tel: 506287 or 560 813
Fax: 503239 or 560 813
(Women’s clinics, Health, Education, Welfare services, Family planning, Maternal and Child Health)

Kenya National Council Of NGOS

P.O. Box 48278
Tel (254-2) 562323
Fax: (254-2) 568445

Kenya Thirsty Child and Women and Organisation (KTCWAO)

P.O. Box 44126
Nairobi, Kenya
(Women, Children)

Kenya Water For Health Organization

off Workshop Road, Department of Water Building, P.O. Box 61470
Tel: (254-2) 557550
Fax: (254-2) 543265

Kenya Women Fellowship Association (KWFA)

48 Loiyangalani Road
P.O. Box 74197
Nairobi, Kenya
(Health, Education, Agriculture, Counselling, Shelter homes, Training, Legal advice)

Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT)

P.O. Box 55919
Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Women’s Society (KWS)

P.O. Box 49838
Nairobi, Kenya

Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization

Women’s Bureau, Ministry of Culture and Social Services
Monrovia Street,
P.O. Box 44412
Tel: (254) 223307
Fax: (254) 225390

Mama Na Dada International

P. O. Box 40304
TEL: (+254) 72 765707

Materi Girls’ Centre (MATERI)

P.O. Box 194 Meru

Mwakimai Self Help Group

Getare SDA Church
P.O. Box 3272
Kisi, Kenya
Women’s health issues.

National Association Of Kenyan Women

P.O. Box 30289
Tel: 714620 334413
Fax: 716191 340664

National Council of Women of Kenya

PO Box 4371
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 24634

National Council Of Women Of Kenya

P.O. Box 43741
Tel: 224634
Fax: 335851

Saacid Voluntary Organisation

P.O. Box 14756
Tel: (254 2) 448392
Fax: (254 2) 448391

Single Mother Association Of Kenya

P.O. Box 75603
252 02 557478 c/o Patrick Manawa

Sinini Tree Nursery Women Group

P.O.Box 299
Chwele, Kenya
(Tea planting/raising of tree seedlings); Agricultural production/horticulture; Shop business; Livestock (dairy cattle) keeping; Soil & water conservation).

Society for Advancement of Women Studies (SACWS)

P.O. Box 61510
Nairobi, Kenya

Somali Women’s Association For National Development

UNDP Liaison Office
P.O. Box 28832
Tel: (254 2) 226408
Fax: (254 2) 217483

Sudanese Women’s Voice of Peace:

c/o UNIFEM, Nairobi, KENYA
Tel: 254-2-743855 or 748523

Sudanese Women’s Voice for Peace (SWVP)

c/o People for Peace in Africa
Waumini House, Westlands
Box 14877, Nairobi
Tel. +254-2-568547
fax 441372

United Women’s Muslim Association (UWMA)

P.O. Box 45107
Nairobi, Kenya

Widows & Orphans Welfare Society Of Kenya

P.O. Box 53935

Women for Women

Box 48611
Nairobi, Kenya
Fax: (254) 2 71-05-19

Women Educational Researchers of Kenya

P. O. Box 21447
Nairobi Ngong Rd
Telefax: (254) 2 560969
Mobile: (254) 722 888919
We are a Professional Organisation, registered in 1993. Our main goal is to like research to advocacy and action.

Women’s Bureau

Ministry of Culture and Social Services
P.O. Box 30276
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: 23530, 27553 Ext. 276

Objectives: Integrating women into national development; Formulating implementing and evaluating women policies; Co-ordinating all government initiatives and programmes for women; Collecting and analyzing data required for the design, monitoring and evaluation of projects; Out reach programmes.

Women’s Programme Of The National Council Of Churches Of Kenya

Church House, Moi Avenue, P.O. Box 45009
Tel: (254-2) 338211
Fax: (254-2) 224463

Young Women’s Christian Association – Kenya

P.O. Box 40710, Nyerere Avenue
Tel: (254 2) 724 789
Fax: (254-2) 710519

Women Groups in Kenya – Video