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Apex Steel Ltd

Apex Steel Ltd

Apex Steel Ltd is one of Kenya’s largest integrated building and engineering material suppliers. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

Apex Steel Ltd was established in 1971 as a trading company with an aim to supply the construction and engineering industry with quality products required in the market. With our humble beginnings in Mombasa, we then moved our head office to Nairobi in 1992. We have from there grown strength to strength in our trading division, adding an additional two outlets in the Nairobi area in 1998 and in 2005, both thriving by diversifying our range of products (and by upgrading our systems) to better serve our customers. In 2004, Apex Steel Rolling Mill Division was born, with a primary focus of manufacturing reinforcement bars to the British Standards of GRADE 500. The products have been certified with the Diamond Mark of approval from the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

The deformed bar dubbed ‘APEX TMX’ can be described as a New Generation High Strength Steel having superior qualities such as better weldability, increased ductility and bend ability, anti corrosive properties, better and more consistent elongation. These properties meet the highest internationally recognized standards. In addition to that Apex Steel gives you the comfort of assurance by branding ‘APEX TMX’ on each meter of the steel, to be confident in the quality guaranteed.

The above qualities has built a tremendemous amount of credibility in the quality of steel produced by Apex Steel. Consequently a lot of engineers, contractors and architects have been using steel from Apex as their ideal choice in their projects. This is evident in a lot of iconic projects in Kenya that stand firm on steel from Apex Steel. Some of these structures include Sankara Hotel, Kempinsky Villa Rosa Hotel, Delta Towers, Riverside Park, Sameer Business Park, Nairobi-Namanga highway, Nothern bypass, Eastern bypass and the iconic Thika superhighway just to mention a few.

At Apex steel Limited we deal with the following products:

  1. Hardware-wholesale and manufacturers
  2. Building materials
  3. Steel mills
  4. Steel Supplies
  5. Stainless steel
  6. Safety Equipments and Clothing
  7. Hardware retail.
Apex Steel Limited Contacts

Physical Location: Funzi Road, Off Enterprise road Industrial Area
Postal Address: 18441 – 00500
City: Nairobi
Telephone: +254 (20) 3540101/2/3, 651107/8, 558004
Fax: +254 (20) 553097 / 559393

Apex Steel Ltd

Apex Steel Ltd

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