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Alcatel Phones in Kenya: Prices, Reviews and Specifications

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Alcatel Phones in Kenya: Alcatel One Touch T’Pop

The Alcatel One Touch T’Pop is one of the top trending entry-level handsets currently in the Kenyan Smartphone market.The phone dubbed ‘T’Pop’ due to its tiny size is an interesting addition and will most definitely be a boost to Alcatel’s market share.Safaricom and Orange Kenya so far have the best prices for the phone.

The retail prices will definitely shift the scale towards the French handset manufacturer and influence the buying decisions for the emerging young generation of smartphone enthusiasts.

Here is a comprehensive review of the Alcatel One Touch T’Pop handset.

Alcatel Phones in Kenya: Alcatel One Touch T’Pop Review

The Alcatel One Touch T’Pop has a 3.5-Inch TFT capacitive 256K HVGA display. The display measures 320 x480 pixels and delivers a 165 ppi resolution density.

As a norm with most entry-level handsets, the phone lacks a corning Gorilla Glass layer protection and hence a screen guard will specifically come in handy for this phone.

Body and Design
Alcatel One Touch T’Pop has compact design with smooth rounded edges. The phone is quite thick but feather weighted with an overall dimension size of 115 x 62.3 x 12.2 mm and weighs in at 118 g.

The body material is all plastic thus lacks a premium luster and feel. However, to make up for this, the phone will be available in a array of colors.Technical

The phone packs in a 1 Ghz Single core CPU and comes with Android Gingerbread Version 2.3 in box. This is quite a disappointment since the Gingerbread OS is fast becoming an outdated OS.

However, the silver lining to this is that, with the feather weigh OS, the phone is quite responsive and transition between windows is smooth.
For multitasking, Alcatel One Touch T’Pop has some 256MB of RAM. Therefore, users should expect an occasional lag while switching between running apps.

The phone comes with very little of Alcatel customization and as a consequence the phone looks much of the stock version of Gingerbread OS.

On the Internal Memory, the phone comes with a paltry 512MB capacity. This is a far cry from the 2GB of internal memory found on a similar entry level handset, the Samsung Galaxy Pocket. On the upside the phone supports up to 32 GB of MicroSD storage.

On connectivity, the phone supports up to 7.2 MB/S of 3G data, has Wi-Fi chip plus a Wi-Fi hotspot feature. It is worth mentioning that the phone comes with Bluetooth v 4.0, therefore file sharing is quite a breeze on the device. Additionally, it comes with a Bluetooth proximity feature.

Even for an entry-level device, Alcatel was quite mean on the multimedia aspects of the Alcatel One Touch T’Pop. The phone has a 2MP camera with just Geo-Tagging and Touch Focus features.
However, to keep things fair, they included an RDS chip to the radio receiver.

Battery Life
Battery life is an important aspect to consider before making up your mind to purchase a smartphone. The Li-Ion 1400 mAh battery coupled with the featherweight Gingerbread OS gives the Alcatel One Touch T’Pop satisfactory battery life.

After a full recharge, the battery will pack in enough juice power to take you through 1-2 day of average use.

For users seeking an alternative to the Alcatel One Touch T’Pop, they may look up at the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, the Samsung Galaxy Young or Nokia Asha 311.

Price in Kenya
Safaricom Retail Shops price the phone at Ksh 6,499 with a 1.5GB Data Bundle.
Orange Kenya Retail Shops have the Dual SIM Alcatel One Touch T’Pop bundled with 2 GB of data spread over four months priced at 6,999.

Alcatel Phones in Kenya: Alcatel One Touch Pixi

The Alcatel One Touch Pixi is another entry-level device by Alcatel Mobile. The budget handset is part of the One Touch

line up that seeks to increase the French Smartphone manufacturer fortunes in Kenya.

The One Touch Pixi is a sequel to the hot selling Alcatel One Touch T’Pop. In fact, it is nothing more but a dual SIM version of the Alcatel One Touch T’Pop. Orange Kenya has the Pixi as one of their ‘favorite’ devices primarily due to its dual SIM functionality.

Exciting Articles

The Alcatel Pixi mirrors the Alcatel T’Pop in every single aspect.

Alcatel One Touch Pixi Review


The Alcatel One Touch Pixi has a 3.5-Inch touchscreen with a 165-ppi screen resolution density. One touch Pixi display is similar to the one found on the Alcatel One Touch T’Pop. The display is just the basics, thus the best you can expect from the device is just two finger multi-touch.

Body and Design

Alcatel Phones in Kenya

Alcatel Phones in Kenya

The Alcatel One Touch Pixi has a 115 x 62.3 x 12.2 mm frame and weighs in at just 118g.

Technical Specifications

The Pixi has a 1 GHz Single Core CPU and 256 MB of RAM. This specs makes the One Touch Pixi more powerful compared to the Nokia Asha 500 and Nokia Asha 502.


The Alcatel One Touch Pixi has a 2 MP camera and lacks a front facing Camera. The device captures motion at VGA resolution. The Camera has very little to offer in terms of image clarity. The Alcatel One Touch Pixi Camera has one of the lowest quality cameras for devices in its price group.

Battery Life

The One Touch Pixi has a Li-Ion 1300 mAh battery. If your memory serves you right, this is a 100-mAh drop from the 1400 mAh battery found on the Alactel One touch T’Pop. Therefore, there is a slight drop in battery stamina.

Why you should buy the Alcatel One Touch Pixi

  •     Awesome Price Tag
  •     Dual SIM Functionality


  •     Low Quality Camera

The Alcatel One touch Pixi is by a far extent a bid to diversify Alcatel’s product offerings to the Kenyan Smartphone markets. Dual Sim devices are a huge hit in most emerging Smartphone markets.

If you are after a budget handset to achieve significant cost saving in your Phone Bill, the Alcatel One Touch Pixi is worth a second look.


Alternatives of the Alcatel One Touch T’pop include the in house option the Alcatel One Touch T’Pop and the Techno L3.

Alcatel Phones Prices in Kenya

The Alcatel One Touch Pixi has a suggested retail price of Ksh 5,999.

Alcatel Phones in Kenya: Alcatel One Touch Fire C

With a price tag expected to stay around 59 Euros, the Alcatel One Touch Fire C has everything you’d expect from a mid-level device. Underneath is a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a VGA camera is located at the back and features a 3.5inches HVGA display.

Alcatel Phones in Kenya: Alcatel One Touch Fire E

The One Touch Fire E comes with meaner specs to those of Fire S, it has the same 1.2GHz dual-core processor to that of Fire C but with a slightly beefed-up 4.5inches qHD display and a mid-level 5.0 MP snapper.

Alcatel Phones in Kenya: Alcatel One Touch Fire S

The Alcatel Fire S is the most beefed-up device of the lot, featuring an IPS 4.5 inches qHD display, 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, an 8.0MP snapper and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The handset also supports category 4 LTE networks.