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Athi River Mining Ltd

Athi River Mining Ltd

Many years ago, Mzee Paunrana saw an opportunity to help coffee farmers increase yields with a fertilizer made of a naturally occurring mineral compound of calcium and magnesium. What he saw led to the creation of Athi River Mining Ltd (ARM), in 1974.

The company’s first product was called ‘Dolmax Agricultural Lime,’ and it was manufactured in a mill with the modest capacity of 500 kgs per hour. It wasn’t long before ARM was processing a range of industrial minerals for use in the manufacture of paint, rubber, glass, ceramics, plastics, soaps and detergents and cement.

As the demand grew so did the need for bigger and more sophisticated grinding technology. The two new grinding mills at the Company’s cement and clinker plant at Tanga now each produce 150 tones per hour. Through many changes, the Founder’s vision holds true today: Add value through processing and enhance the lives of all stakeholders.
The Company’s main goal is to deliver excellence in product quality and customer service. To achieve this goal requires a deep, unwavering commitment to communication, transparency, ethical behavior and teamwork. Whenever one is moving forward together, success takes care of itself. And the best and quickest way to succeed is to help others succeed.

To ensure quality and plant efficiencies are maintained, the Company has built a culture around the notion of supporting one another.

This support is expressed through activities such as on the job training, coaching, mentoring and community service. Excellence is having a winning attitude, and its benefits are widespread. It leads to customer satisfaction, improved job skills, long-term shareholder value. It can also make a sick mother better, send a poor child to university, and help heal a hurting planet.

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The Company recognizes that it processes minerals that are ultimately used as raw materials in the making of other things. Very important things, like cement for safe and durable homes and office buildings and chemicals for purifying drinking water, and fertilizers to increase crop yields and enhance taste and nutrition.

In fact, ARM produces the ingredients used to manufacture many products used in people’s daily lives, from chewing gum and nutrition supplements, soaps and detergents, footwear, even foam mattresses.

This is a huge responsibility, one that the Company takes very seriously. That’s why, at each stage of the manufacturing process, there is a system of checks to ensure specified quality standards are met or exceeded. When you’re in the business of improving people’s lives, it is essential quality be at the hear t of your business plan.

Athi River Mining Ltd - Construction Project Photo

Athi River Mining Ltd – Construction Project Photo

Athi River Mining Ltd - Construction Project Photo

Athi River Mining Ltd – Construction Project Photo

Athi River Mining Ltd Photo

Athi River Mining Ltd truck Photo

Athi River Mining Ltd Contacts

Physical Location: Rhino Hse, Chiromo Rd, Westlands
Postal Address: P.O. Box 41908 – 00100
City: Nairobi
Telephone: +254 (020) 3752241
Fax: +254 (020) 3744648