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Wilson Airport

Wilson Airport is to the south of Nairobi city 2km south-west of the junction to Mombasa Road. It is a busy airport that handles local flights and freights.

Many chartered planes operate from the Wilson Airport. The airport has been in operation since 1933, serves domestic and international traffic and is used mostly by light aircraft. It was founded as Nairobi Aerodrome. The airport was renamed Wilson Airport in 1962 after Florence Kerr Wilson, who founded one of the first airports in Kenya, Wilson Airways.

Air mail service was the main use of the airport, and passenger, services started in 1944. Major runway development took place in 1997. Industries that use its services extensively are tourism, health care and agriculture.

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The airport gets about 120,000 landings and take offs annually. Small airlines use Wilson Airport for scheduled domestic passenger services, instead of JKIA the main airport in Nairobi. The airport is used  also for flight training. As a result of quicker check-in times and fewer flight delays, Wilson Airport is commonly used by business people to fly to local towns such as Kisumu and Mombasa for meetings as opposed to JKIA. Domestic airlines such as Air Kenya, Aero Kenya and Safarilink use Wilson Airport for flights around Kenya, usually for tourism.

Through domestic flights, destinations like the Masai Mara, Mombasa, Kilimanjaro, Amboseli, Eldoret and Lamu are just a short flight away.

A unique feature of Wilson Airport is hosting the annual Nairobi International Airshow.

The show features aircraft formation flying, bombing fly-bys, helicopters, and skydiving performances, as well as entertainment on the ground. Displays of aircraft on the ground let you see the planes up close. In 2007, the show also held the first Kenyan Aviation Career Day, for people to learn more about aviation.