The Ndegwa Commission – Although the Government had implemented most of recommendations made by the Ominde Commission and had also acquiesced to some of the urgent public demands by expanding education in all sectors by 1970, there had emerged new clamor for reforms. Educators and parents argued education had failed to address adequately needs of the country and its people. This led to the establishment of the Ndegwa Commission.

The Ndegwa Commission

The commission of inquiry (Public Service Structure and Renumeration Commission (1970-71) ) was chaired by Head of Public Service Duncan N. Ndegwa.

Although its mandate concerned the whole of the Civil Service, it made specific recommendations on education that were to influence its development.

The Ndegwa Commission Recommendations

The Commission recommended re-establishment of District Education Boards to enable the primary school system to respond effectively to local requirements by the active participation and involvement of the local community.

But more important, Ndegwa commission recommended phasing out of teachers without secondary education.

On secondary education, the Commission recommended diversification of the curriculum to allow more secondary schools to provide technical and vocational subjects. The recommendation was meant to enable secondary education to meet the manpower needs in the country.

It also recommended that the Government should take over all harambee schools and maintain them in order to improve the standards. On technical and vocational education, the Ndegwa Commission said there was a mismatch between technical and vocational education and the job market needs. It recommended reviewing of the curriculum in liaison with commercial and industrial organisations to offer relevant education.

On teacher education, the Commission called for expansion of training of teachers, especially in sciences. The commission urged the Government to ensure that good salaries were offered in order to attract high calibre students in to the teaching profession.

The Ndegwa Commission Report and Recommendations
The Ndegwa Commission Report and Recommendations

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