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Kenyan Women Love Small Penises New Study Reveals

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Well, this one really isn’t a new study per se. I am rehashing an old study that was carried out during the dawn of the year 2014 anno domino. This was precipitated by an argument that we had at the office on the same.

Yet, interestingly, when the study which was carried by American researchers in conjunction with their Kenyan counterparts took a gander at bedroom affairs and that was one of the shocking things that was brought to light by the study.
Said study also found out that more often than not, Kenyan women run away from men with huge members and find solace in the arms of members with small phallic members:

To conduct this study, the research team focused on fishermen and their wives, conducting a total of 1,090 interviews with 545 married couples between the ages of 18 and 45 from 33 beaches in Kenya. The interview covered a number of topics, including socio-economic and demographic details, marital and sexual relationships and number of sexual partners in six months preceding the study. Over 90 percent of the women were in a monogamous marriage, their median age was 24, (the median age at first marriage was 18), and a quarter reported their sexual debut occurring before the age of 13.

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Overall, 6.2 percent of the women told the researchers that they had been unfaithful to their husbands during the

What Kenyan Women Love

What Kenyan Women Love

preceding six months, while more than a quarter (27 percent) suspected their husbands of being involved in extra-marital relationships. Probably the team’s least surprising discovery, then, was that the strongest predictor of a woman straying from her marriage bed was a suspicion that her spouse was involved with someone else.

Conversely, a woman’s older age and higher satisfaction scores reduced the likelihood of a wife reporting extra-marital partnerships. Women older than 25 were 28 percent less likely to cheat when compared to younger women and for each one unit increase on the sexual satisfaction scale, the chances of a wife’s infidelity lessened by a whopping 92 percent. Ultimately, then, the researchers found that satisfaction in marriage is key to a woman remaining faithful to her husband while also verifying all of men’s suspicions that penis size does matter to women. The one thing is it just happens to matter in an opposite way than men commonly believe.

Source: Medical Daily

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