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Women in Kenya

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It is one of the conundrums of Kenyan society that although Women in Kenya are immensely strong in character (often referred to as “Kali mamas” or “fierce ladies”) and highly respected within the community, they still bow to the dictates of their men folk.

Most Kenyan men revere their mothers, have a healthy respect for their wives, and are well aware of the risks involved in cheating on them; but many still do. The majority of women in Kenya adhere to the traditional view that their husbands are to be obeyed; that if they stray it is due to the lures of other women, and it is their duty is to entice them back into the marital fold with smiles, good food, and attention to their needs.

Most Kenyan employers are well aware of the efficiency, professionalism, and dedication that female workers bring to their posts, but sexual harassment remains a threat to those wishing to progress. And while most fashionable young Kenyan women think it’s fine to wear body- hugging jeans or short skirts, in rural areas it is still possible for a mini-skirted woman to be stoned or stripped and thrown in the gutter for such a display of wantonness.

But then, until very recently polygamy was normal (and is still not outlawed), selling your daughters to rich old men was one of the perks of fatherhood (and still is in the Maasai community), and  disciplining” your wife was considered necessary (domestic violence and the abuse of girl children is still a major problem within Kenyan society).

Women in Kenya – Support from the Government of Kenya

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The Government of Kenya continues to support and encourage women group initiatives which have enabled women to have adequate space to form and join organisations. This effort has made it possible for women to address challenges like poverty which affects majority of them.

Due to a conducive environment, the number of women groups has continued to increase. The number of registered women groups increased by 1,009 to 143,792 in 2011. Membership increased from 5,579,639 in 2010 to 5,618,064 in 2011.

Contributions increased from Kshs551.2 million in 2010 to Kshs553.8 million in 2011.

Women in Kenya – Women organisations in Kenya

  1. African Development Initiatives Network (ADIN)

    Women in Kenya

    Women in Kenya

  2. African Women Link
  3. African Women’s Communication And Development Network
  4. Binti Legacy
  5. Centre For African Family Studies
  6. Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW)
  7. Council For Economic Empowerment Of Women In Africa
  8. East Africa Women’s League (EAWL)
  9. Education Centre for Women in Democracy
  10. Family Life Counselling Association Of Kenya
  11. Family Life Promotion And Services
  12. F.E.C.H.A. Programmes for Widows and Orphans (Feeding, Education, Clothing, Healthcare & Advocacy)
  13. Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)
  14. Gender and Development Centre
  15. International Federation Of Women Lawyers – Kenya Chapter
  16. Kenya Medical Women’s Association
  17. Kenya Thirsty Child and Women and Organisation (KTCWAO)
  18. Kenya Women Fellowship Association (KWFA)
  19. Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT)
  20. Kenya Women’s Society (KWS)
  21. Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization
  22. Mama Na Dada International
  23. Materi Girls’ Centre (MATERI)
  24. Mwakimai Self Help Group
  25. National Association Of Kenyan Women
  26. National Council of Women of Kenya
  27. National Council Of Women Of Kenya
  28. Saacid Voluntary Organisation
  29. Single Mother Association Of Kenya
  30. Sinini Tree Nursery Women Group
  31. Society for Advancement of Women Studies (SACWS)
  32. Somali Women’s Association For National Development
  33. Sudanese Women’s Voice of Peace:
  34. United Women’s Muslim Association (UWMA)
  35. Widows & Orphans Welfare Society Of Kenya
  36. Women for Women
  37. Women Educational Researchers of Kenya
  38. Women’s Bureau
  39. Women’s Programme Of The National Council Of Churches Of Kenya
  40. Young Women’s Christian Association – Kenya