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Video – Man Gets Stuck To Another Man’s Wife Thanks To Black Magic

What would you do if your wife were cheating on you? Pause on that note.

Did you know that the English language has a term to refer to men who have been cheated on but none for wives who have been cheated on? The term of which I speak of is called “Cuckold”. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I have been cheated on by a woman. One woman of whom I am aware of. It was a gut wrenching incident and suffice to say it changed how I view the world. What I did was rather uhm… Extraordinary. I nearly dominated the lass’ lover like men do in prison.

But men have devised more interesting methods of going about their vengeance. Some go in for humiliation. Take this Huruma man for instance. He suspected that his wife had been giving out what he had paid dowry for. And trust that this was always going to end badly. You know how women say that a man would never buy the cow if he were getting the milk for free? Well, what happens when the cow has been bought but is giving out the milk for free to some other fool?

Well, this poor cuckold decided to enlist the services of a witch doctor. The story made news all across Africa. Check it out below:


Lovers Caught In Bed

Lovers Caught In Bed

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